Clearfield County PA — Backwoods, Backroads, Backwaters 2012
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Amish Trail

It is amazing how much Amish activity we have here in the backwoods. Backroads. Backwaters. We ask that you use common courtesy as you explore the Amish Heritage. If you want a photo, ask. Be careful of children playing and buggys on the main roads.<br /> <br /> The drive through Amish Country is spectacular and is home to many amazing creatures. There are spots with stunning outlooks along Rt. 322 (Luthersburg-Rockton Rd.) especially when the mountain laurel is in bloom.<br /> <br /> Crossing over onto Rt 410 (Shamokin Trail Rd.) towards Luthersburg is the heart of Amish Country. You can take Weber Road past farm land and simple homes to the first stop, the Dutch Country Surplus Store. This shop is open everyday but Thursday and Sunday. In this store you will find home-made jellies, jams and spreads as well as something for all interests.<br /> <br /> Just down the road is the Amish Quilt Shop is sure to make you feel welcome. Cora, the store owner, will come out to greet you. This shop has several hand-made items including, quilts, Amish bonnets, dolls and more. Come as a stranger and leave as a friend. If you are looking to buy some fresh eggs you will want to visit the family on Mancosky Road. A dozen fresh eggs are only one dollar. You may have a hard time hearing over the generator running in the background. Mary sells eggs from her home daily as long as she has them available.<br /> <br /> Be sure to take a moment to view the Veteran’s Monument of Troutville before heading up the hill towards Raspberry Lane. Driving along the white picket fence looking at the tire swing, beautiful flowers and clothes hanging on the line puts a warm feeling in your heart. Raspberry Lane has so much to offer. The store is full of all sorts of bulk food items, holistic products and baking supplies. Aisle after aisle of everything imaginable for your culinary pleasure. What a fun place. Raspberry Lane is open everyday but Sunday.<br /> <br /> Tucked back in the woods Miller’s Variety is worth the trip. Along with many living necessities you will get to try on an Amish hat or boots. Explore unfamiliar territory in the back room as you look for a bargain. The garage outside the store houses the buggies and farm equipment so you can get a closer look at Amish transportation.<br /> <br /> You may want to stop the car for a moment to watch a farmer plow a field with a horse and plow. Kids playing, clothes drying under the sun and women working in the yard are the sights you may see along the way. Amanda’s Salvage is the next store on the Amish Experience. Amanda’s Salvage has all kinds of dent, damaged and discontinued products as well as some fresh baked goods. You will need to explore the aisles one by one in the dim light and stay warm with a cook stove supplying the heat.<br /> <br /> Although not Amish owned I think you will find Hagg’s Feed Store a necessary stop along the way. This is an old fashioned Feed Store and a great place to grab a drink or snack. One of the best things about this place is the large horse outside just waiting for a photo.<br /> <br /> When you’re hungry it’s time to visit Ester’s Bakery and Coffee Shop. As you walk in the door you will find glass cases filled with baked goods, a small cooler with pies and desserts and a small room with a table in every available spot. You will feel at home as the “regulars” talk about everyday life and the waitress and cook make friendly conversation. It is a very simple set up but one that keeps people coming back again and again. What better way to get a feel for life of the Amish.<br /> <br /> There is much more to see as you explore this part of the county. We’re sure you’ll enjoy spending the day touring the Amish countryside. You will probably need more than one day to take in all the activity. Contact us for hotel information and again to tell us about your visit to Amish Country.